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Offer each student, athlete and faculty an authentic global experience

  • Engage them in immersive, hands-on Study Abroad opportunities
  • Give them a chance to live Study Abroad through connections and interactions
  • Consider today’s environmental challenges in your Global Strategy
  • Prioritize inclusion in Study Abroad
  • Reduce financial barriers and provide the opportunity for a greater number to experience international life
  • Design tailor-made experiences according to the academic expectations of your institution
  • Enrich your academic programs with our unique network
  • Open the doors to international opportunities for your athletes

Our Signature Programs

Through experiential activities, workshops, community service, and cultural immersion in France/Europe, we help you create a transformative experience for your students.

Our signature programs showcase our offerings and highligh what makes Campus Globers unique.

SPORT : Passion in Motion

Campus Globers offer your athletic teams a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in their sport on a global stage. Our programs are designed to provide unparalleled experiences through strategic partnerships with world-class experts, elite teams, and an extensive international network within the sports community.

Your athletes experience new cultures, appreciate differences, compete internationally, grow as a team, and deepen connections to each other. Our unique approach ensures that each participant experiences personal and athletic growth, fostering both passion and excellence.

Examples of programs (We have the possibility of carrying out this type of experience in all sports areas) :

The Best of France :  Premier Programs of Excellence

Campus Globers offer unparalleled opportunities to immerse your students in the heart of France's renowned industries like fashion, diplomacy, or ‘Art de Vivre’.

Our programs are uniquely designed around a “learning by doing” philosophy, providing hands-on experience and direct engagement with industry experts. Embark your students on a transformative journey, where passion meets expertise, and learning is enriched by real-world experience and practices.

Opening Global Doors for Every Learner

Together, we bring your unique international goals to life.

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is concrete and tangible. We collaborate with you to design opportunities that are accessible, affordable, and unforgettable for everyone :

  • Faculty-led Programs
  • Short-term/Summer Programs
  • Athletic Experience Abroad
  • Semester or Year Abroad

Our goal is to make study abroad a reality for all students.

Tailor our signature programs

Together, we design impactful programs align with faculty/coaches needs and institutional goals.
We will meet your specific expectations in terms of schedule, funding, and academics,
with options from 10 days to semester long throughout the year.

Athletic Directors / Coaches

  • Take your team to new heights and provide an unforgettable journey in the world of sports.

Higher Education Administrator (International Office or others)

  • Offer unique, hands-on, affordable, and accessible study abroad programs to differentiate your institution and to significantly enhance student experiences, employability, and overall institutional success.

Professor / Faculty Member

  • Help your students become global citizens while gaining unparalleled opportunities for professional growth, innovative teaching, global networking, and personal fulfillment.

Why partner with Campus Globers ?

  • Faculty members pave the way with real-world, culture-focused teaching
  • Students flourish and mature as they explore new communities
  • Athletes bound as a team and expand
  • Universities help spread positive influence and facilitate international growth.

Differentiation & Competitive Advantage

This program sets you apart in the education market, attracting diverse partnerships and enhancing your reputation through unique, innovative non-traditional teaching.

Prestige & Reputation

Collaborating with internationally renowned experts to deliver a meticulously crafted curriculum enhances your school's reputation by ensuring an exceptional education for your students.

Increased Student Enrollment & Retention

while boosting professional development, making your institution a more desirable option for potential students.

A Unique and Innovative Approach to Internationalization

with our Three-Stage Experience :

1. Online Session Before the Stay abroad
2. Immersive Experience in Europe
3. Final Group Project

Real World Experiences and projects

Enable your students to showcase their real-world problem-solving abilities and commitment to meaningful projects.

Networking Opportunities

Unique opportunity to meet high-level professionals, recognized experts in their fields, as well as local and international students, creating valuable and diverse networks.

An environmental and Community Approach

Involve your students in social and solidarity projects (environment, education, sports) led by local NGOs, enhancing their global citizenship and community engagement.

Academic Recognition / Learning Outcomes and Certification

Provide your students with academic recognition and certification from a recognized European HE Institution, potentially including ECTS credits.

Cost-Effective Programs

Offer your students highly immersive, authentic, and flexible experiences that are 15% to 20% cheaper than traditional abroad programs.

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