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Our Exclusive Educational Paths

Campus Globers Experiences are not just academic programs; They are captivatingly involving experiences redefining how students perceive and engage with the world around them.
Together, we offer your students an opportunity to be part of something truly distinctive.

Who are we ?

Campus Globers is the incubator of international dreams for curious minds !

Because experiencing life abroad during youth has a profound and transformative impact on a person's life and the shaping of tomorrow's world.

Our mission

To transform the way students access study abroad opportunities and how universities internationalize their programs, enabling the greatest number of students to access a unique, immersive, and affordable international experience.

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of employers consider international experience a major asset in a candidate.

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of young people who have studied abroad believe they have improved their language skills.

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of young people who have lived abroad consider the experience to have been a source of personal fulfillment.

Our Experts Share Our Values

At Campus Globers, we collaborate with renowned experts and partners to provide each individual with personalized advice and solutions, meeting the highest standards of quality.

Cultural Diversity

Valuing the diversity of cultures, languages, and perspectives, thus fostering intercultural understanding.


Encouraging intellectual curiosity, tolerance, and acceptance of differences to create an inclusive environment.

International Collaboration

Promoting cooperation between students, researchers, and institutions from different countries to foster the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Accessibility & Equity

Promoting access to international education for ALL students, regardless of their geographic or socioeconomic background.

Social Impact & Sustainable Development

Integrating global issues such as sustainable development, social responsibility, and ethics into our missions and commitments to shape engaged citizens.

Health and safety

Our top concern is the security and welfare of our students. We offer extensive pre-departure orientations, continuous safety briefings during the program, and round-the-clock emergency help as part of our comprehensive safety protocols.

Our experts & partners

Florence LEBOIS


Florence LEBOIS

Florence LEBOIS : With over 25 years of experience in the field of global education, Florence has a proven track record of designing and implementing innovative and impactful global strategy and programs that foster cross-cultural connections, environmental awareness, and inclusion. Driven by these successes and a network of partners who share the same values and vision of global citizenship and empowerment through education, I created Campus Globers to enable more and more young people to LIVE an international experience.

Martine RUIZ

Martine RUIZ

Founder and CEO of MRI-RELOCATION - For over 20 years, Martine and her team have been helping French and foreign managers, employees and families to settle in the Rhône-Alpes region and throughout France. Martine is passionate about intercultural relations and value customer relations. Most of her clients have become friends.

Jean Michel PERRENOT

Jean Michel PERRENOT

Jean Michel's professional career has focused on higher education and vocational training. Former CEO of Groupe IGS in France, one of the leading universities founded in 1975, Jean Michel has dedicated his entire career to build innovative programs to serve all students. Jean Michel is also the founder and president of CEFAM, a unique international business schools offering dual degree from top AACSB accredited Business Schools in the US and Canada.

They trust us

University of the OZARKS


IBSW International Business School

Washington DC USA

ILAC International Language Academy


Hasting College


ILAC International College


College of Lake County

Chicago USA


Vancouver CANADA



They help us build unique experiences


Real World Experiences, Real Success Stories.

FAQ Campus Globers

A specific question ? Contact us !

Why is having a global strategy important for universities today ?

In today's interconnected world, a global strategy helps universities attract diverse talent, foster international collaborations, and enhance their reputation. It prepares students to succeed in a globalized job market and promotes cultural understanding.

How does a global strategy benefit students ?

Students gain exposure to different cultures, perspectives, and practices, making them more adaptable and culturally competent. They also have access to a wider range of academic resources, networking opportunities, and potential career paths.

Why should study abroad experiences be open to all students ?

Ensuring that all students have access to study abroad opportunities promotes equity and inclusivity. It allows every student, regardless of their background, to benefit from the personal and professional growth that comes from international experiences.And yes, it is possible to design programs that are both immersive and affordable to give the opportunity to more and more students to benefit from a global exposure. There are various budget-friendly programs and options to suit different financial situations.

How does an experience abroad benefit sports teams ?

Traveling abroad exposes sports teams to different playing styles, strategies, and competition levels, enhancing their skills and adaptability. It also fosters team bonding and cultural exchange, contributing to a well-rounded athletic and personal development.

What specific advantages do athletes gain from international exposure ?

Athletes gain a broader perspective on their sport, learn new techniques, and can benchmark their performance against international standards. This experience also helps them develop resilience and cultural sensitivity.

How is learning by doing different from traditional study abroad programs ?

Learning by doing involves hands-on, practical experiences that go beyond classroom learning. Students engage directly with the local community, industry, or environment, applying their knowledge in real-world contexts.

What are the benefits of immersive learning experiences ?

Immersive learning experiences help students develop practical skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. They also provide a deeper cultural immersion and a more impactful understanding of global issues.

Why is it beneficial to interact with experts and professionals while studying abroad ?

Interacting with experts and professionals while abroad provides students with firsthand insights into their field of study or passion. It enhances their learning experience by connecting theoretical knowledge with real-world applications and exposes them to the latest industry trends and practices.

How does building an international network impact a student's career ?

Building an international network opens up global career opportunities, providing access to diverse job markets and professional connections. It helps students gain recommendations, mentorship, and collaborations that can significantly boost their career prospects.

What are the specific advantages for sports enthusiasts in interacting with international professionals ?

Athletes benefit from learning different training techniques, strategies, and cultural approaches to sports. Interacting with international coaches, athletes, and experts can enhance their skills, provide new perspectives, and create opportunities for international competitions and collaborations.

Can interacting with professionals abroad lead to long-term career opportunities ?

Yes, these interactions often lead to internships, job offers, research opportunities, and collaborations that can significantly advance a student’s career. The global connections and experiences gained can differentiate students in the competitive job market.

How does an international network benefit students beyond their professional life ?

An international network enhances cultural understanding, fosters lifelong friendships, and broadens personal horizons. It encourages a global perspective, making students more adaptable and empathetic to diverse cultures and viewpoints.

How do these interactions contribute to personal growth and development ?

Interacting with experts and professionals abroad helps students build confidence, improve communication skills, and develop a proactive approach to learning and career development. It also encourages independence and resilience by exposing students to diverse challenges and experiences.

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